Top Tips on Decorating an Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room


Creating the perfect flow in an open living space can be somewhat of a décor challenge. Not only do you have to ensure that space is cohesive, but also ensure that each section of the space is easily identifiable. All the elements within the room need to work together, including design, architecture, and décor.

But an open floor plan can also allow you to play around with design and décor elements, creating areas creatively to suit your needs. In this post, we provide our profession tips on how you can decorate and create beautiful living spaces in an open plan kitchen and living room.

From playing with colours to tips on how to zone off certain areas, you’ll be able to create functional yet tasteful space in your living room and kitchen by following our simple decorating tips.

Monochromatic is The Way to Go

The best colour scheme option for any open space in your home is monochromatic. This will allow a free flow from one space to another, but also allow you to use accent tones and patterns of the same colour to separate specific areas.

Follow the Flow of the Architecture

In most cases, the architecture of an open plan kitchen and living room will allow you to create spaces around it. Things to be aware of within the architecture of the rooms is corners, panelling and other architectural features. These features are perfect for zoning off areas and creating breaks.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage

The way your furniture is placed will also play a big role in how you define areas and space in your open plan living room and kitchen. Place your couches and seating in such a way that there are conversation areas. Zone off areas by using bookcases and screens.

Create Cohesive Spaces

When it comes to creating a cohesive space that flows naturally, be sure to paint trim the same colour. If you like a splash of colour, stick to the walls and leave the doors, window trim and ceilings all in the same colour. This will ensure that space remains connected.

Make Use of Area Rugs

The best way to create and zone off spaces is to use area rugs. Area rugs are your best friend when it comes to defining spaces within an open plan living room and kitchen. You can place an area rug to create a space for your living room or seating area, or where you plan on placing your dining table.

Define Your Areas

In some cases, you may find it difficult to define an area due to the lack of architectural features. If you have this problem, consider adding these details to make it easier for yourself. Something as simple as wainscoting can easily define areas.

Now that you have a string of ideas on how to decorate and define areas in your open plan living room and kitchen, you are probably eager to get started. Keeping your garden maintained and updated is also key to creating a beautiful living space. Consider joining Communities in Bloom to promote an environmentally friendly community.