4 Kitchen Design Styles for Your Renovation Project


We were inspired when we read through the blogs of Ottawa General Contractors. If you are about to renovate your kitchen, you are probably busy figuring out which design style would be the best fit for you. Renovations can be very tedious and trying, but the overall planning process should be fun.

If you have not decided which kitchen design style to go with, consider any of our top four kitchen design styles discussed below. Here are our favorites.

Modern and Simplistic


The essence of any modern kitchen is its simplicity and sophistication. Think clean, straight lines, metallic finishing with a touch of natural textures here and there. This kitchen design style is perfect for you if you don’t like clutter and if you prefer functionality and simplicity.

Country Farmhouse


If your kitchen is the heart of your home, a country farmhouse design style might just be the perfect fit for you. While it is stylish, it is also warm and welcoming. Think farmhouse furniture and kitchen tables, a mix-match of colours from red to aged yellow and a worn-in look.

French Country


Not a far stretch from the country farmhouse, with the distinct difference of being influenced by a Mediterranean flair. The French country kitchen is also warm and welcoming, features wooden cabinets and beautiful chandeliers. This design is perfect if you want your kitchen to be your private piece of France.



Finally, we have a very popular contemporary style kitchen. It’s the perfect balance between new and old, modern and farmhouse. It embraces minimalism, functionality as well as the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the farmhouse kitchen. It’s perfect for those who entertain guests frequently.

And that is all of them! Have you decided on a design style for your new kitchen yet? What would be the deciding factor? Think about how you use your kitchen, whether you want it to be an open and cosy space for everyone to enjoy, or if you just want it to be functional. We’ve also compiled a handy guide with kitchen renovation tips to get you started. Be sure to read through it before planning your renovation as it is chockful handy tips and advice. Have fun and enjoy your brand-new kitchen!