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Creating the perfect flow in an open living space can be somewhat of a décor challenge. Not only do you have to ensure that space is cohesive, but also ensure that each section of the space is easily identifiable. All the elements within the room need to work together, including design, architecture, and décor.

But an open floor plan can also allow you to play around with design and décor elements, creating areas creatively to suit your needs. In this post, we provide our profession tips on how you can decorate and create beautiful living spaces in an open plan kitchen and living room.

From playing with colours to tips on how to zone off certain areas, you’ll be able to create functional yet tasteful space in your living room and kitchen by following our simple decorating tips.

Monochromatic is The Way to Go

The best colour scheme option for any open space in your home is monochromatic. This will allow a free flow from one space to another, but also allow you to use accent tones and patterns of the same colour to separate specific areas.

Follow the Flow of the Architecture

In most cases, the architecture of an open plan kitchen and living room will allow you to create spaces around it. Things to be aware of within the architecture of the rooms is corners, panelling and other architectural features. These features are perfect for zoning off areas and creating breaks.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage

The way your furniture is placed will also play a big role in how you define areas and space in your open plan living room and kitchen. Place your couches and seating in such a way that there are conversation areas. Zone off areas by using bookcases and screens.

Create Cohesive Spaces

When it comes to creating a cohesive space that flows naturally, be sure to paint trim the same colour. If you like a splash of colour, stick to the walls and leave the doors, window trim and ceilings all in the same colour. This will ensure that space remains connected.

Make Use of Area Rugs

The best way to create and zone off spaces is to use area rugs. Area rugs are your best friend when it comes to defining spaces within an open plan living room and kitchen. You can place an area rug to create a space for your living room or seating area, or where you plan on placing your dining table.

Define Your Areas

In some cases, you may find it difficult to define an area due to the lack of architectural features. If you have this problem, consider adding these details to make it easier for yourself. Something as simple as wainscoting can easily define areas.

Now that you have a string of ideas on how to decorate and define areas in your open plan living room and kitchen, you are probably eager to get started. Keeping your garden maintained and updated is also key to creating a beautiful living space. Consider joining Communities in Bloom to promote an environmentally friendly community.


We were inspired when we read through the blogs of Ottawa General Contractors. If you are about to renovate your kitchen, you are probably busy figuring out which design style would be the best fit for you. Renovations can be very tedious and trying, but the overall planning process should be fun.

If you have not decided which kitchen design style to go with, consider any of our top four kitchen design styles discussed below. Here are our favorites.

Modern and Simplistic


The essence of any modern kitchen is its simplicity and sophistication. Think clean, straight lines, metallic finishing with a touch of natural textures here and there. This kitchen design style is perfect for you if you don’t like clutter and if you prefer functionality and simplicity.

Country Farmhouse


If your kitchen is the heart of your home, a country farmhouse design style might just be the perfect fit for you. While it is stylish, it is also warm and welcoming. Think farmhouse furniture and kitchen tables, a mix-match of colours from red to aged yellow and a worn-in look.

French Country


Not a far stretch from the country farmhouse, with the distinct difference of being influenced by a Mediterranean flair. The French country kitchen is also warm and welcoming, features wooden cabinets and beautiful chandeliers. This design is perfect if you want your kitchen to be your private piece of France.



Finally, we have a very popular contemporary style kitchen. It’s the perfect balance between new and old, modern and farmhouse. It embraces minimalism, functionality as well as the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the farmhouse kitchen. It’s perfect for those who entertain guests frequently.

And that is all of them! Have you decided on a design style for your new kitchen yet? What would be the deciding factor? Think about how you use your kitchen, whether you want it to be an open and cosy space for everyone to enjoy, or if you just want it to be functional. We’ve also compiled a handy guide with kitchen renovation tips to get you started. Be sure to read through it before planning your renovation as it is chockful handy tips and advice. Have fun and enjoy your brand-new kitchen!


If you live in a smaller space with a considerably small kitchen, it might be a bit of a problem when having guests over. Making the most of your space and making it look larger and open is however possible. By implementing just a few clever décor tricks, you will be able to host an amazing dinner party.

In this post, we take a look at our top tips on how you can turn your regular, small kitchen into a functional and great looking hosting space.

Metallic Backsplash for Extra Glam

Metallic Backsplash for Extra Glam 1 - 4 Smashing Décor Ideas for your Kitchen When Hosting

Metallic is the latest trend you’ll be able to use all around your house. Why not bring it into the kitchen? For a sophisticated finish, get a metallic backlash added. Not only will it update your kitchen, but it will also make it look a bit bigger.

Make the Most of Your Space with a Rolling Island


Islands are a must for any kitchen. These handy workspaces make the kitchen a warm and welcoming space. For a smaller kitchen, think about getting a rolling island. This will ensure you are able to increase workspace while making it easy to add space where you need it most.

Slider Sink Cutting Board Adds Workspace


Another great option if you have limited workspace is to get a sliding cutting board over your sink. It will effortlessly make your kitchen look refined while adding some much-needed extra workspace when hosting a dinner party.

Mirror Backsplash for the Illusion of Space


If you’re not a fan of the glam or metallic trend, you can always opt for a mirror backsplash instead. As with the metallic option, it will add some sophistication and mirrors are known to make any space look bigger than what they really are.

And that’s it! These décor ideas will ensure you are ready to wow guests when you host your next big dinner party. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about how you can renovate your kitchen, we’d love to help you out.


Your best friend from school just phoned and told you that she’s coming to visit. You are ecstatic and can’t wait to see her. She proceeds to tell you that her fiancé < is coming with. Still great, but how do you host two people in your small one-bedroom apartment?

It is of course not impossible, and the key is always to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Here’s our list of things to keep in mind to ensure you and your guests can enjoy the time you have together.

Shed Some Light on the Matter


When it is time to go to bed, your guests may need a lamp for reading, or just to wind down and prepare for bedtime. Make sure you’ve placed a lamp that is easily accessed from the sleeper couch to make it comfortable for them.

Make Some Space


Don’t expect your guests to arrive with a backpack. Make sure you’ve made space for them to put their luggage. It should be comfortable for them to get to their essentials. If possible, have a chair or ottoman at hand so that they can use it for easy access.

Provide Proper Bedding


It might not be a five-star hotel, but a comfortable night’s sleep is important. Make sure you provide proper bedding, pillows and linens. Even if you only have a sleeper couch, your guests should be able to sleep comfortably.

Final Touches Are Important


Make a list of all the things you need to get beforehand. Plan activities and meals and make sure you are prepared for their stay. Final touches include providing towels, making sure they have access to the Wi-Fi key as well as access to power outlets for charging devices.

Now you should be ready to welcome your guests! Make sure to go out of your way to make them feel comfortable, and giving them their space when they need it. If you love hosting dinner parties, be sure to read our décor tips on entertaining guests in a small kitchen.


So, it’s time for a kitchen overhaul, and you have no idea where to start. While it might be fun to look for pretty pictures and design inspiration online, it does not get the job done. Not to worry, we’ve got your back. When it comes to renovation projects, we’ve done and seen it all.

Our years of experience in the realm of home décor and design allows us to provide you with expert tips that will get the job done. Firstly, you’ll need to start with a plan of action, stipulating different steps of the renovation process.

Are you only adding a few personalised touches? Or is your entire kitchen being done from scratch? These are things you need to take into consideration before you hit the shops or hire a contractor.

In this post, we share our expert tips, in chronological order. By following these renovation tips, you can take the stress out of the project and enjoy watching your dream kitchen come to life. Let’s get started!

Decide on the Perfect Layout


The perfect starting point to planning your kitchen renovation is the layout. How are you shifting things around? Keep in mind that the fridge should always be closer to the entrance for easy access. Also, make sure the distance between the key working areas isn’t too big.

Cabinets and Storage


Next up, you’ll have to think about your cabinets and storage space. The experts recommend going with higher cabinets, no matter what the height of your ceiling. Not only does this add some storage space, but it illuminates your space and leaves a lasting impression.

Selecting a Backsplash


Here’s where the fun begins. Now that you’ve got your layout and your cabinets sorted, you can start working on the personal touches. The backsplash is one of the areas where you get to play around with colour, texture and more. Express yourself by using the backsplash as your kitchen canvas.

Accessories and Finishes


Next, you need to focus on finer details. How are you going to liven up your cabinets? Choosing the perfect hardware is as important as choosing the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Whatever your preference, you can go wild and really express your style without breaking the bank.

Balanced Lighting


Next up, you need to decide on your lighting options. Make sure you’ve got your lighting hierarchy correctly, with a prominent piece at work or main spaces and ceiling fixtures in other spaces. Consider getting a chandelier over your island, or something similar.

Flooring is Important


Today’s trend is to keep the kitchen flooring in line with the rest of the house, which is usually wood or laminated. You can, however, go with tiling, depending on your preference and needs.

Value for Money First


Finally, you might want to re-do the sinks and faucets. These might be pricey, but it is worth it to compare your options. When it comes to these fixtures, it’s best to compare price, quality and style. Select the option that best suits your new kitchen’s budget and space.

And that’s it! Now you can get started and create your new beautiful kitchen. Be sure to have a look at what’s happening on Kickstarter, you may be able to help fund a great new business by purchasing an awesome new appliance.

You can also browse The Globe and Mail for some inspiration before you get started. Good luck, and enjoy your newly renovated kitchen!

Top Tips for Decorating Your Living Room 840x385 - Top Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

Living rooms are in the most part where the heart of the home is. It is a space for entertaining guests, catching up with friends and spending quality time with your loved ones. It’s one of the spaces in the home where you get to really make your mark, décor wise.

In this post, we share some helpful guidelines and tips on how you can decorate your living room stylishly.

Flooring That is Comfy


When it comes to flooring, you should always consider how it will feel to walk on barefoot. It is also one of the elements that can bring the style and décor of your room together. Choose comfortable flooring in either a statement colour or something neutral.

Furniture Should Welcome Conversation


The living room is where most of the conversation in a home takes place. It is also the area where you will entertain guests. Be sure to arrange your couches and seats in such a way that it makes it easy for seated guests to have a conversation.

Make a Bold Statement with Art and Accessories


Think bold lamps, art and collection. These items allow you to make your living room homey and welcoming, with a personalised touch. Keep in mind that any art should be grouped and hung in relation to the furniture. Refrain from hanging these items too high.

Play with Color


The colour of your living room walls can play a huge role in the atmosphere of the space. This also goes for other colours in the room. The mood is set by the colours you choose to use in your living room. Take the mood you wish to convey into consideration before choosing your colour scheme.

These pointers are the basis to a tastefully decorated living room. If you have a small living room, have a look at our decorating tips for small living rooms. Have fun creating your vibrant and welcoming new living room.


Decorating a small living room can be somewhat of a headache if you don’t know how to use space optimally. With a little bit of design and décor savvy, it is, however, possible to make the most of the space you have available and make it appear a bit bigger.

All it takes is implementing a couple of clever tricks, and you should be able to create a space that is welcoming, uncluttered and appears open and bigger than what it really is. The type of furniture you have, your windows, light and other elements all play a role in how your living room is perceived.

In this post, we’ll share our top tips on specific elements of a small living room space and how you can use them creatively to make your small living room appear brighter and bigger. Let’s get started!

Make Use of Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you are limited in terms of space, having furniture that has more than one purpose really makes a huge difference. There are plenty of great furniture designs that take small spaces into consideration. Consider buying coffee tables or end tables that have multiple storage options. You can also use ottomans as extra seating or end tables.

Mirrors Make Space Appear Bigger

What better way to make a space appear bigger than by manipulating natural light? Smaller living rooms can sometimes seem darker. Make the most of the natural light in the room by using multiple mirrors. Be sure to hang them opposite a window. This will automatically light up your small living room.

Transparent Furniture is the Way to Go

Instead of bulky, solid furniture, consider investing in a couple of transparent pieces. Think Perspex, glass or acrylic coffee and end tables. By using transparent furniture, the natural flow of the room is emphasised. It makes a small space look bigger instantly, and adds a sense of playfulness. You’ll also notice that it makes space seem brighter and uncluttered.

Create a Sense of Height

The easiest way to create a sense of dimension in your small living room is by making use of the vertical space. Make sure eyes are drawn upwards, and you’ll enjoy a living room that appears bigger in no-time. Achieve this by hanging ceiling-to-floor curtains, drapes or blinds. Other options include hanging art collections on the walls or using floor lamps.

Compact Furniture Saves Space

And finally, to make the most of the space you have available, consider investing in compact furniture pieces. You don’t need that huge sofa, opt for something that has a light frame and thin finishes. The same goes for other seating options and tables. Use floating shelves to increase the space you have available and decrease the sense of clutter.

By following these tips, you should be able to create a lovely living room. As passionate interior decorators and designers, we have the experience to know how to use any living space and turn it into something functional and beautiful. Contact us if you need some help with your interior décor, we’d love to hear from you.

Read this interesting article for some ideas on how to creatively use kitchen spaces. We trust you’ll be able to decorate your small living room beautifully by implementing the tips we’ve provided here.